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About me

I am a qualified coach offering both developmental and executive coaching. I have a Master’s in coaching & mentoring practice from the International Centre of Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University – a recognised global leader in the development of professional coaching.

For the past 15 years I have been working in the area of advanced communication and interpersonal skills, helping managers and executives hone and enhance their ability to develop greater personal insight and to authentically influence their organisations, teams and clients.

This work in experiential learning has taken me all over the world, working as a programme designer, facilitator and coach with major corporations and financial services consultancies, as well as public service organisations and individual owner-managed businesses. Recent end-clients include PWC, KPMG, Vodafone, BDO, UK Foreign Office, NHS and UBS. I regularly deliver coaching sessions exploring challenging leadership conversations at both Ashridge and Henley Business schools.

In this time, I have listened to hundreds of managers and executives describe their challenges and have a good understanding of the tensions that exist between the person, the role and the need to meet organisational challenges.

I began my working life pursuing my interest in people, their motivations and idiosyncrasies as a television script writer and professional actor. I believe that this has helped me to develop a highly empathic approach, focused on understanding the world that my clients inhabit, their pressures, concerns and aspirations.

bradley cole

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and am bound by their professional code of conduct.

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