Brad Cole

Developmental coaching

LGBTQI inclusion


I worked with Brad recently (April 2022) and really valued his input. He was flexible and ensured that the sessions we held together were fitted around me. I shifted the direction of focus for the second and third sessions and Brad adapted to support these… He gave positive feedback and encouraged me to think about areas to focus on but equally areas of strength and this gave me a lot of confidence as I worked with him. I felt ready for my interview and next steps and this was largely down to his guidance and positivity. I was recently promoted and received (informally) feedback that the interview had gone well, and so I thank him for his input during my preparations.
Manager, Global Consultancy
"I felt a real rapport with Brad, even the most difficult sessions were enjoyably challenging. Brad has a unique way of bringing the best part of you into now… I enjoyed the way practical tools were grounded by theory. The Lumina Splash profile was fascinating and has been useful to refer back to.. it was spot on in the profile produced."
Head of Production
"Coaching has certainly helped me to make certain decisions and be more effective and confident with the ideas I have… I feel I have really grown with the coaching service provided."
Small Business Owner
"I’ve found the process illuminating and thought provoking. Where you’ve really excelled is in challenging my predispositions. You don’t back down and will continue to dig and press into a subject, which has quite frankly been what I have needed. I asked when we kicked off that you didn’t hold back and you did not… My natural scepticism was put at ease very early on in our process, the use of both contextual awareness and academic examples put any worries I may have had to bed."
Enterprise Architect
"Coaching has been tremendously helpful in not only helping me to decide on my career path but also helping me realise goals to make things happen. Brad is a great listener and sought to understand my issues, this helped him to help me realise my career goals without damaging personal relationships. I feel the sessions gave me a clear sense of certainty in my career decisions and would highly recommend it to all individuals looking for career development."
Consultant, Corporate Finanace
"It has been an amazing journey. Enlightening, motivational and inspirational…. Coaching has helped me to review the way I look at things. I look at work life balance in a positive way…The way I react is now more positive and adult focussed… [Working with] Brad has given me so much strength in these sessions that have enhanced me in every way… it has focussed and motivated me. Fantastic!."
Head of Technical Services