Brad Cole

Developmental coaching

LGBTQI inclusion

How coaching can benefit you

There are many reasons why people engage a professional developmental coach. It may be that you are feeling ‘stuck’ professionally, unable to move forward. Or perhaps you are facing an enforced change of some description through organisational change. Or it may be that you are looking to develop a new personal plan for growth.

Whatever your reason for considering coaching, my practice will offer you four key opportunities.

Increasing self-understanding and self awareness
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Understanding is gained through a process of reflection on self, increased awareness of our behavioural patterns and a greater understanding of how we may be perceived and received by others. Through a process of self-examination, we can understand the often quite small changes that make a powerful difference.

Defined strategy for change
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Having a practical plan of action that we can wholeheartedly buy into is a cornerstone of positive development. Coaching can help you to design and work though a strategy that is right for you and your strengths and needs.

New ways of thinking and behaving

Developing new ways of thinking about ourselves and our approach can be the first step toward effective change. Coaching can offer a practical analysis of our engrained thought patterns and help us to think differently about ourselves and our world.

Dedicated time for you
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Time is a scarce resource for most of us. Coaching offers a ring-fenced space in your diary to focus on your most valuable asset – you. Away from the demands of your working and personal life your coaching session will offer you the quality of time to listen to really reflect and understand your self and your needs and to plan how you can be more effective, dynamic and authentic.