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Developmental coaching

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Reflect – Learn – Plan – Grow


Find your stronger self

Welcome to Developmental Coaching  – Helping you become the best of who you are… and who you want to be.

I am a qualified coach offering a professional one to one bespoke and confidential service for people looking to achieve effective, positive change. Helping clients to identify and meet their personal and professional objectives.

I support clients in an exploration of their thought processes, behaviour and approach to difficult and challenging situations that are holding them back or limiting their potential.

Working together we will uncover the self-limiting beliefs, challenge out-dated patterns of thinking and behaving that may be inhibiting growth and development.

Using an integrative approach, the aim is always to help formulate a practical and realistic strategy for maintaining effective change and progress that works for the client.

Ultimately each client is supported towards a greater level of self-understanding, clarity, motivation and authenticity – giving you the opportunity of becoming the best of who you are.

Three tailored coaching programmes

Executive coaching for professional development

  • Refining your authentic leadership style and impact
  • Addressing your identified development areas
  • Improving decision making
  • Thinking strategically
  • Articulating your vision
  • Developing essential professional relationships
  • Effective stakeholder management
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Managing imposter syndrome
  • Enhancing communication skills

Coaching for career development

  • Planning career change
  • Getting ready for interview
  • Preparing for promotion panel
  • Managing transition into a new role or position
  • Leading a new team
  • Managing work-life balance.
  • Creating an exit strategy

Coaching for personal growth

  • Understanding your personality profile – with Lumina Spark ™
  • Adapting your style to bring out the best in others
  • Developing  your authentic leadership style and impact
  • Applying enhanced communication skills
  • Managing negative instinctive reflex responses
  • Imposter Syndrome  – identifying negative internal dialogue and self-limiting beliefs
  • Dealing with stress and developing resilience

What are the benefits of developmental coaching?

A qualified coach of 15 years with a Master’s in coaching and mentoring

"I’ve found the process illuminating and thought provoking. Where you’ve really excelled is in challenging my predispositions. You don’t back down and will continue to dig and press into a subject, which has quite frankly been what I have needed. I asked when we kicked off that you didn’t hold back and you did not… My natural scepticism was put at ease very early on in our process, the use of both contextual awareness and academic examples put any worries I may have had to bed."
Enterprise architect